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22 Gifts The Biggest 'Schitt's Creek' Fans Will Appreciate

We love this journey for you.

best shitt's creek gifts
Alexandra Folino

Physically, we are stuck at home—but mentally, we are in Schitt's Creek with the Rose family. Whether you started watching during quarantine or you've been tuning in for years, this delightful and endlessly quotable sitcom has gained quite the cult following. If you're here, you're part of it—or you know someone who is. For your TV binging buddy, the best gift this holiday season just may be a Schitt's Creek-themed gift. From Alexis's necklace to some Rose Apothecary merch, these are the best Schitt's Creek gifts.

And if you have a friend that won't shut up about Friends or Star Wars, we have some gifts ideas for them too!

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1 Fold in the Cheese! Wooden Spoons

We don't have Moira's recipe (boy, do we wish we did), but you can fold in the cheese to our enchilada recipes with these wooden spoons.

2 Moira Rose Quote Coasters
red bubble

People who don't use coasters? Constantly irksome.

3 'Schitt's Creek' Inspired Dish Towel

You'll never have to ask thrice for a towel when you keep this dish towel on hand.

4 Schitt's Creek Koozies

You can choose your favorite quote and it'll keep your drink cold all through your next binge watch!

5 Schitts Creek Mask
Schitts Creek

We have a feeling David Rose would be the king of social distancing. To complete the look, don't forget to put on David's signature glasses.

6 Retro Oval Sunglasses

Those aforementioned signature glasses...get 'em right here!

7 Schitt's Creek David's Pink Bike Tote Bag

Perfect for bringing home groceries in...or to use while riding your bike!

8 'I Like the Wine' Case & Skin for Samsung Galaxy

If you know, you know.

9 'Best Wishes, Warmest Regards' iPhone Case & Cover

Don't forget to get an extra case for the David to your Stevie.

10 Schitts Creek Christmas Ornaments

Show your tree the warmest regards this holiday season. 

11 Rosebud Motel Logo Bath Mat

Ironically, this bath mat is much nicer than anything in the Rose's suite at the motel.

12 Rose Apothecary Soy Wax Candle

You can customize the scent of this candle (with options like apple cinnamon, birthday cake, and Sugar Cookie)—plus, they look just like the ones on the show.

13 RoseBud Motel Key Tag

Never lose your keys again with cute keychain.

14 Large Initial Sideways Necklace

Want to look a little bit Alexis? Get her signature necklace in the first initial of your own name!

15 Custom 'Schitt's Creek' Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses

Also available with the phrases "Ew, David," "Love that journey for me," and "Very uninterested in that opinion."

16 Schitt's Creek Starbucks Tumbler

The best way to get the Starbucks reusable cup discount!

17 Schitt's Creek Onesie

Just imagine all of the adorable Instagram possibilities... 

18 Love That Journey For Me Handstamped Keychain

This stamped charm comes with gift wrapping options, because let's be honest, this makes an incredible holiday gift.

19 David Rose Lightning Bolt Sweatshirt

People who watch Schitt's Creek will love your David Rose-inspired sweater. Those who don't will just think you're extra fashionable. What a win-win situation.  

20 Schitt's Creek Pencil Set

Finally, a stocking stuffer gift that will actually get used. 

21 David Selfish Greeting Card

If you can't "take a selfish" on your birthday, when can you?

22 MOIRA Spiral Notebook

May Moira's bébés inspire you as much as they inspire her.

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